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What Is the Future of UCLA

It is disappointing for the kind of start we got from Bruins. There is a need to decide on very serious matters.There were predicted challenges before and time has come to handle them. Before the match in Colorado is played, a number of issues should be sorted out. People have been questioning about the quarterback position for some time. During the first game, Wilton Speight was hurt and has not been playing since then. It is not clear whether he is playing again.People are not sure whether he is ready for games even though he has been spotted a few times with the ball practicing.

It is too early to come to a conclusion on the decisions made by Speight on earlier plans for finishing the season, or whether Dorian Thompson is the new preference for Chip Kelly. Something else is bothering fans regarding Devon Mobster. He will be no longer part of the program. Mobster has seen more actions min his four touchdowns in approximately 700 yards. There is a need for Chip Kelly to prospect after what quarterback has experienced recently.There is a possibility that Jayden Daniels who is a recruit could appear on top of the list.

UCLA is going through more challenges than just Offensive struggle.The defense has more difficulties. In three seasons since the season began; the team has only managed scoring 113 points only. This only tells one thing, that is, the defense has weakened and something should be done about it. It is worrying since when the season began, the defense was seen like a strong spot that would boost the team. News about Chip Kelly heading the team has gathered various opinions from fans.The team’s offense has got people talking more.People cannot even think about the offense with Chip Kelly’s coaching.The tempo of the players is now a problem when people are expecting changes. Everything has to be taken care of if there is hope for the team.

Many people wanted to see urgency. Maybe it is because; they are not experienced in a number of parts in the roster. The team is not ready to be managed the way Chip Kelly does things. You can tell this clearly. When you want to about brains, you should put a number of considerations into place.Analyzing the team can take some time. Things will clear up on better stage of the season. If there is something you should be sure is that that the team should win and get some good force to move on.